Hey everyone, I’m looking for someone to give me some guideance on the pattern I am currently working on. It’s a bit confusing.
It says the scarf is made in 2 halves so that the cable edges lie the same way when finished.
Then it says for side A repeat pattern 5 times (I have done this) then it says for side B repeat it 3 times (not done yet)
Then it says continue the 2 halves repeating rows 1 and 2 until it measures desired length
Then both sides are joined together
I just don’t understand the thing about side A and B
So now that I have repeated the pattern 5 times for side A do I just repeat again 3 times for side B?
I don’t need to cast on and off??
Maybe I’m just being daft here :joy:
Any guidance would be great!
I have attached pics of pattern
Thanks in advance

You can either work both side A and side B at the same time with 2 separate balls of yarn or work them one at a time. If you work them one at a time, leave the sts for side A on a needle or holder while you knit side B. Once you’ve completed the cable pattern and the repeats of rows 1 and 2, the live sts from each side are seamed and cast off using 3-needle bind off. So no cast off until you put the two sides together.