Pattern WRITING help


I am in the process of writing my first knitting pattern ever. It is a relatively simple pattern for a sweater. I’m including it in an entire collection of clothes that I’m doing for school. This is the only knit piece. I created a flat pattern, and am now adapting it to a knitting one. It is almost complete, but I have one question I’m unsure of.

I am knitting it from the bottom up, and in three pieces; left front, right front, and back.

I have written everything but the neckline. Well, that’s not true, I actually wrote it so that the shape of the neckline was formed by a series of decreases along that curve. Then, I got to thinking that I was overdoing it. I started to wonder if I should instead form the neckline shape by casting off in steps at the end of those rows. It would work out to the same increments that I calculated which are decreases of 2 to 4 stitches per row.

I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has. Please let me know if anything is not clear, and I will clarify.

Also, the rest of my collection can be found at my blog:

My entries are entitled “Senior Collection”.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’m sorry that I cannot comment on your pattern at all - just not qualified - but I did have a look at your blog and saw some very interesting things there.
It seems to me that you are going places. You seem to have quite a knack for fashion and the will to do it as well. Your attitude is wonderful! I have nothing but the utmost respect for what you are doing and find it quite refreshing that you have no qualms when tackling something new.
I loved your jeans and the fashion photos you posted.
Congratulations on having found your niche in the world!
Keep up the good work!

I really appreciate your support! Wherever I’m going, I’m going v-e-r-y slowly. So, hopefully soon thing will begin speeding up a little more!

To anyone who may read this, I just want to say that:

I have done some knitting, but not a lot. I feel that the garment I have designed is a good indicator of what level I am at. I am certainly capable of knitting it, and probably pretty capable of writing the pattern, but just unsure of this one step. I feel that any experienced knitter could probably answer my question simply based on what they’ve seen in patterns with similar concave curves. I’m just looking for a little support as I move forward. In the long run, I am willing to just try both ways and see which works, but thought I might save some time by asking you pros! ANY feedback is honestly appreciated.


Thank you!

I’m not a “sweater” expert by any means but it seems that you should be able to have a few (3-5) edge sts, then decrease, then the body. Leaving the edge and the body free of distraction.

That’s an excellent suggestion, thank you!

:wink: Hope it helps!