Pattern writers

Sometimes I wonder what they’re smoking/drinking when they publish a pattern. Last year, I printed a pattern for a cabled hat for my DS and I started on it yesterday. Last night, I got to the beginning of the cables and the pattern reads like this:

[COLOR=“Red”][B]P2, slip next 3 sts to cable needle and hold in back, K3 from cable needle, P2, K1 from cable needle, repeat to end.[/B][/COLOR]

Now, if I were a beginner, I would have gotten drunk or ripped up the pattern…or both. Thankfully, I’m not a beginner and knew what the author meant. If I could remember where I got the pattern, I would send an email to the him/her. :tap:

I know what you mean. I find that a lot with patterns I find on blogs - people not experienced enough in proofreading or getting someone else to proofread & test-knit.

I am constantly amazed at what some pattern writers think is a ladies size large or x-large - since when is a 38" bust an XL? Yeesh…