Pattern wording question

I’m trying to understand what is meant by “Repeating the 32 chart rows 3 times, and then chart rows 1 to 21 again, cont as set for a further 115 rows, ending with WS facing. I’ve done the 32 chart rows x 3, plus 1-21 again, making 117 rows in total. Does this mean that I should knit a further 115 rows? That would make it much bigger than it looks in picture. Im confused! Help!

Welcome to KH!
It sounds like you may have already worked 2 rows to place the pattern, perhaps rows 1 and 2 of the chart. At any rate, the pattern is only calling for the 32 chart rows x3 and the rows 1-21.

What pattern are you following?

Thanks for responding to me. Yes! That’s it, the two first rows would make 117! It’s amazing how simple things are once you get them! I’m working a sweater pattern called Orchid. It has a lace panel, which is new for me. I’m still quite a new knitter, so I’m sure I’ll be back here again. Much appreciate your help!