Pattern woes

Hope someone out there can help me! I’m starting to feel very old…I have been knitting sometime now, but I’m self taught. I have never had this much trouble with a pattern. I have emailed the company and they say it is correct as written. Ok, I just need someone to explain to me why I am losing sts. Here’s the pattern : I start and should keep 93 sts… The 1st. row is a purl row/ then row 2 is K1,p3tog,(KPK),rep from * 22 times, p3tog, K1.
3rd row is another purl row, Then the 4th row is: K1,
(KPK),P3tog,rep from * 22 times (KPK), K1. I would love for someone to try it and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I lose 2 sts. on the 2nd row. HELP :

They may say the pattern is correct, but it adds up to 91 for me, too.

K1,*p3tog,(KPK),rep from * 22 times, p3tog, K1.

k1 = 1
p3tog, (kpk) x 22 = 88
p3tog = 1
k1 = 1

91 stitches

K1,*(KPK),P3tog,rep from * 22 times (KPK), K1. I would love for someone to try it and tell me what I’m doing

However, row 4 adds up to 93.

1 + 88 + 3 + 1 = 93

But, if you have 91 stitches in row 2, you use those stitches to have 93 in row 4. Maybe it’s supposed to change number?

Thanks for your help, Ingrid but they said there should be 93 sts. on every pattern row. :shrug: Oh well, back to the drawing board.

I still think there’s a mistake. Row 2 uses 93 stitches to get down to 91, and row 4 uses 91 stitches to get up to 93. :shrug:

Maybe the error is them telling you there should be 93 stitches every row? Because Row 2 has a k3tog by itself. Or maybe you could knit a sample with just a few pattern repeats instead of 22, and put in a KPK after the last k3tog on R2, and see how it looks. Maybe that’s the typy.


Thank you everyone for your help…I will try your ideas, as I still haven’t heard back from the company. I will post my sucess…hopefully

Thank you all for your help…I am on my way. :muah: I DO lose two sts. on the 2nd row, but then get them back on the 4th. I heard back from the “help” I was getting from the company, and she still says I should have 93 sts on every row and that I don’t understand the pattern :grrr:

Don’t ya just hate patterns like this one? Aargh. I feel your pain all the way out her on the West Coast! :pout:


Not much help, eh?