Pattern without a Guage

Hi folks,
I was trawling the internet & found the Knitting for Boozehags website pattern for a Sheila Cape.
Unfortunately she doesn’t give a guage for her own working and although I’ve e-mailed to ask her I haven’t heard back so would like to ask about the “principle” here.
In this pattern the yarn used gives a guide guage of 5 stitches per 10cm on 8mm pins. The pattern itself requires 11mm pins.
I can’t get the specific mohair yarn used as I live across the ocean, but will this pattern still work for me if I use my substitue yarn as long as I can match to the 5sts per 10cm on 8mm pins recommended on the ball band of the yarn she used, then do the [I]actual [/I]knitting on the required 11mm’s?
I believe others have enquired about this pattern on the forum, so apologies if this goes over old ground, but the principle of substitution will help me on future internet pattern finds if I can get it right.
All help most appreciated as always!
thanks, Jan
ps is it legal to have 3 plus patterns on the go and 5 more in the bag knitted but not sewn? :oo:

Yes, that should work out right. Since it’s a cape, it won’t have to fit as exactly as a sweater, so some leeway is okay as long as it’s large enough to go around you, but not so big as to look like a sack.

Yes, you can have as many projects going as you want. I don’t even wanna count up how many I have, let alone the ones in my mind that I want to do…

Thanks again sue! I reread your “name” - & I realised that I thought it said knitting [I]hectic[/I]. Now that I can understand! Are you a heretic because you are a lawless knitter? I like to think of myself as rebel knitter - I can’t do without the help I get here on the forum, but I have no respect for pattern designers. If they say “do this” - I say “why?” - maybe there’s a better way! Often there is and I have a few books that have liberated me from the knitting police. Janet Szabo’s book I Hate to Finish Sweaters was a real shot in the arm for me! I don’t think I’ve knit a single thing that used the same yarn as the pattern told me to, or in fact knitted from a truly modern pattern. I buy a lot from charity shops at about 20p a pattern and most of my needles are also second hand ones at 50p a snip. As a result, everything i knit is original in some way. Makes life fun!
Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one who bags knitting jobs. Less embarrassment this way!

I feel like I’m a heretic (not just in knitting) because I don’t follow the rules much. For every `rule’ there’s an exception and I tend to follow the exceptions or look at the gray, rather than black and white. I’ve hardly ever used the needles and yarn recommended in a pattern, either. Can’t stand to use size 8s on sweaters - too many stitches and the fabric’s too stiff, and no, my tension isn’t tight at all. So I’ve learned a lot about how to convert patterns to the gauge I want. It involves a lot of trial and error knitting, but it’s knitting innit? :wink:

Sue, you are my kinda gal! I’m sure this is the only way to knit. I used to talk to a lady on the phone who once owned a wool shop, as I was buying some of her wind-up stock. I told her I almost always transcribe my patterns because I can’t read the squidgy print especially if it’s a lacy pattern (which I love to do). You should have heard the howls “OH NO!” - well, I was sure that the SWAT team was at that very moment absailing down my roof to arrest me.
I’ll have to keep coming back to talk to you about how we last outwitted the KPs and did it “our way…” (do you hear music?)

Sure, we can talk about bending the rules any time!