Pattern with colour changes

I’m a relative beginner and am knitting a pattern for a baby’s blanket that has spots in another colour. How do I change colour a few times on each row to create the spots?


There are two ways to change the color, depending on how far apart the spots are. Are they just one random stitch here and there or are they blocks of a different color?

If they’re random, you would use stranded knitting where you carry the contrasting color across the back. However, you will have strings going across the back of the blanket, and I don’t think you want that.

Could it be that the yarn in the picture of the blanket has it’s own spots built in?

No - it’s blocks of different colours that then look like spots when you’ve done all the rows. Have just been watching video for intarsia - is that what I need to do?

Yes, if there are blocks of color, then intarsia is how you want to go.

Aaaaagggghhh! Wish me luck!

Thanks very much.

Could you please explain what intarsia is? Thanks ahead.

have completed using intarsia and now have loose strands on back. what’s the best way to sort these out?

Use a tapestry needle (big eye) and weave the ends in along where the color changes are. They’ll be least noticeable there.

Another idea-if you are doing another color project and the spots aren’t huge, you can also do duplicate stitch:

If they are really big, you probably won’t want to do this because your fabric will be of double thickness in the duplicate stitched areas. But for small bits of color changes, it’s easy and convenient to do.