Pattern Weirdness

I recently picked up a few copies of older issues of Interweave Knits from eBay. I looked through the sweater patterns and came across one that seemed to me to have redundant words in the instructions, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s just a different way of saying what I think it’s saying or if I’m complete off the mark.

The sweater is fairly box in shape and so I will just give you the gist of the instructions that are making me go :??

I am just going to use the smallest size, which says to cast on 82 stitches. This is for the box of a boxy cardigen that will have a rectangualar back. There’s a lace pattern that you incorporate through-out the patterning. Then the next line says:
[I]Shape Shoulders:[/I] With RS facing BO as foll: BO 28 st for right shoulder, BO next 26 st for back neck, then BO rem 28 stitches for the left shoulder.

The piece I would have just knit would be a retangle. Why don’t I just bind of all stitches, since the 28 + 26 + 28 = the 82 I cast on. There’s no special shaping that I can see. The two fronts are done pretty much the same way.

And beside, won’t doing it the way the pattern says produce the same result anyway? There must be something I’m not seeing here…:whoosh:

Yeah, if that’s all on one row, it’s odd. Though it might be BO 28 for R shoulder, BO 26 for the neck, knit to the end of the row and BO 28 for the L shoulder.

Well, I thought it might be an error, but the two front pieces are written essentially same way-- they call it shoulder shaping, and the then it says bind off this many stitches for the shoulder, and then bind off the rest of the stitches.

And the way the pattern is shaped (Front pieces and back are rectangles, and sleeves are drop sleeves), and from the schematic, it doesn’t really appear that there is any shoulder shaping. I guess I’ll never know. :slight_smile:

Is there any armhole shaping at all??

Nope. No armhole shaping. Only the sleeves have shaping.

ETA: I looked on Ravelry and one person has made it:

I sent the designer a note on Ravelry. I’ll let you know if I hear back from her and what she says.

Maybe to just let you know for seaming how far to stitch up for each shoulder so you don’t make the neck hole too small? That’s the only reason I can think of.