Pattern Weirdness... *Never Mind*

OK, I am working on my first fair isle project (so far so good!), but now I have a problem. The pattern has a 4-row repeat, but the pattern is telling me that after a series of decreases I should have 50 stitches on my needle before I begin working the chart. 50 is so not evenly divisible by 4.

Should I go ahead and knit the pattern with 50 stitches, or is it wrong and I should decrease one more time to 48? Are there cases where fair isle works repeats like this work over the wrong number of stitches? I’m so confused.

Look at the written instructions; there may be 2 sts at the beginning or end of the row that aren’t charted.

No, nothing else in the instructions. I double checked. But thanks! I just decided to go for it, so we’ll see what happens. Never mind everyone! =)

You mentioned a 4 row repeat, did you mean 4 st repeat? If it repeats over 4 rows, the number of sts doesn’t have to be divisible by 4.