Pattern wanted for this shawl/shrug? with pockets -See photo

I would like to locate a pattern that could be used to knit the shawl? pictured in the attached photo or something similar. It is about 60 inches in length and 12 inches wide at each end where there is a pocket and 20 inches wide at the centre. Any help would be appreciated.
… GrannieH

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Maybe THIS could get you started.

Lion also has this pattern made with thick and quick chenille.

Hmm… I don’t think the pocket is the issue… I would be more worried about the decreases getting the shape correct.

This shawl shaping reminds me of a faroese shawl. Here’s a link: (Don’t know how to do tiny urls! Will get DS to show me.)

I think that if you look around on her site, she has a free pattern for making a faroese shawl for a doll (probably other free patterns if you google!) I have purchased one of her shawl patterns and IMHO they are very well written and easy to follow.


That is pretty cool! wonder where they got the yarn :thinking: