Pattern vs. Picture?

Hi All,

I am knitting a sweater with a pattern found at the bottom of this page – well I tried to put a URL here but it won’t let me. Maybe if someone replies then I can put the pattern link in a response??

My question is this… I have followed the instructions for the body piece and am just about done with the front pieces, but when I look at the picture they have posted, it does not look like what I have made. The switch from a body piece that is done entirely in knit stitch to front pieces that are stockinette is pretty obvious to me, and also does not look like the picture.

Have I misunderstood the instructions or is the picture different from the pattern? I only used knit stitch for the first 8.7 inches of the body piece and what I have does not look like what they have… In other words, to your experienced eyes does the picture look like what you would get if you followed the instructions (specifically the line that says “Knit until the body piece is 8,7 inches.” and then later “Keep on in stockinette until the body piece is 14,2 inches. Cast off loosely.”) I am guessing I misunderstood and when it says “knit until the body piece is 8.7 inches” I was supposed to alternate knit, purl rows, right? Is this the normal way to indicate this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Never mind!! Just realized my mistake!! Would delete the question but can’t see how…

Hi and welcome!
Yes, the direction to “knit for so many inches” can be confusing. Does sound like the designer meant “knit” in the generic sense of continue working the rows in the pattern stitch and in this case the pattern stitch is stockinette. Seeing the pattern link will help too.
Usually, I depend on the photo as a guide and if things don’t look like the photo it’s time to relook at the directions.

ETA: No problem. It’s still a good question. Glad you found the error.

Hi. I’m glad you’ve joined us. Here’s a little secret you might use in the future: If what you have is different from what the pattern intended but it still works and you like it, then you did it right and have your own interpretation of the pattern. Of course, frogging is always an option. Glad you got it figured out. What pattern are you doing? We [I]can[/I] get nosy that way. :wink:

Thanks for the nice responses! Here is the pattern - it is the one at the bottom…

But, I didn’t knit in the round, having missed that crucial one little line with my two year old crawling all over me. Since this is my first sweater, I ignored my misgivings about having only one side seem and kept on going… I am just going to redo the small front pieces in garter stitch so it is consistent and then keep it the way I have it - it will be a bit lopsided with one stitch, but hey, it is for a little boy, so it will most likely be hard-worn anyway!

Very cute sweaters. I like the rolled collar on the one at the bottom. Yes, keep going in garter when you get to the upper parts of the body above the armholes. That’ll work (it may take slightly more yarn for garter stitch). I use post-it notes to keep my place in the pattern but even they might not survive a two year old.
Post a picture of the finished sweater if you’d like and enjoy finishing up the sweater.

How cute! I think it will be adorable in garter stitch. IME kids like the bumpier, more textured feel of garter stitch anyhow.