Pattern uncertainty

Hello! I’m getting toward the end of the beanie that I’m knitting and I’m not sure about the pattern instructions.
K2, p2, k2, p2tog across row

I’m not sure if I repeat the entire line of just do the K2, P2, K2, and then finish the entire row with p2tog. There is no repeat symbol.

I’d guess you repeat those 8 stitches to the end. Does it tell you how many stitches you should have after this row?

Unfortunately, no. The pattern isn’t the most clear, I got it of a free online site. I think you’re probably right that I repeat all the steps til the end. I’ve knitted most of the beanie so this is just the wind down to the close of the ends.

In that case, it definitely will be a case of repeating all those stitches to the end of the row. Although I also read it as “dec to end” at first!

Hi Howsaavy and welcome to KH!
I’m glad the Shintoga was able to answer your question.
It would be very helpful if you would delete the whole pattern from your most recent post. We can’t post large portions of patterns, even free ones on the forum. You can use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit out the pattern.
Thanks very much for joining us. I hope we get to see a photo of your beanie.

(Let me know if you have a problem with the deletion and I can delete for you.)