Pattern Trouble for Knit Cardigan

Hello, I’m new to this site and I enjoy knitting. I am currently challenging myself to knit a cardigan.I am very confused on the third page of the pattern where it says “ Keeping cont of pat, dec 1 st at neck edge on next and alt rows, AT SAME TIME, dec 1 st at raglan edge (as before) on next and alt rows until there are 4 sts.”
Can anyone explain these instructions to me that is more understandable? Thank you.

Welcome to KH!
Thanks very much for the pattern link.
Call the next row, row 1. Decrease one stitch at the neck edge on rows 1,3,5,7,9 etc and decrease one stitch at the raglan edge on the same rows until there are 4 sts remaining. So you’ll be decreasing at each edge on every other row.

Thank you for the warm welcome and clarification!
I do have a few questions though regarding to your reply. So with every odd row I am decreasing at the beginning stitch and ending stitch of every odd row? Also, what am I doing for every even row?

Yes, that’s it. Decrease on the odd number rows at the beginning and end of row. Work the even number rows in pattern stitch without any decreases or increases.