Pattern Translation

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Could someone check this pattern translation for me?


You can’t post entire patterns…it’s considered copyright infringement even on free patterns so I removed it. Links are fine.

What is your question about the pattern… ?

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Jan -When you deleted the pattern you deleted my question. it was checking my pattern translation against the actual pattern, as I could not figure out what the stitch count would be. I shall repost it below. It has some strange methods of stitches I dont understand too.

Glossary <the glossary has strange versions of stitches>:
•PSSO-pass slipped stitch over, knit into the back of it BEFORE dropping stitch, knit into back of it.
•P2tog-purl 2 together, do not slip stitches of the needle, purl first stitch again, slip both stitches off needle

30 casted on.

Row 1: Knit1, [slip 1, Knit 1, PSSO]x?9 Knit1 =1+[2]x?9+1
TOTAL:20 <this seems wrong, probably in the bracketted bit>

Row 2: P2tog
30 <using cast on stitch count>
20 <if using row 1 total>


Oops…sorry about that. I didn’t actually see the question. I know there have been questions about this technique before, but I haven’t done it myself. :think: I searched the forum and found some answers for you.

Here’s a video showing how to do it.

and a few of the posts…

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I’m still a tad confused with the pattern. I watched the video. I cant quite see what she is doing due to my shoddy graphics card. It seems she is slip 1 knit 1 then passing the slipped stitch over, then knitting through it. But how do you knit through a slipped stitch?

wishes there was a smilie that was running around screaming!!!


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I think the penny has just dropped. I found a clearer video that works better with my graphics card. Anyway… I think the penny has dropped! At least on the knit row!

An easier way of understanding that row 1 is - slip 1, k1, YO, psso. The yo/psso is the same as knitting into the slipped stitch and a better way of putting it.

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Suzeeq -I’m still at the translating psso stage! Hehe! I cant work from patterns in ‘knittish’, I have to translate them to english before I can work on them. Hehe. Thankyou for your explanation though.

Psso is pass slipped stitch over (the next stitch that you knit). It’s like passing the 1st stitch over the next one when you bind off.