Pattern Translation

I am wondering if anyone can help me with this pattern… It’s a poncho pullover. Pattern details are Schachenmayr Design 1984
I bought it and printed it only to find out it’s in German (I think)… Anyone speak German that perhaps can translate it? I would really love to knit it if I could actually read the pattern…:wink:. All help or suggestions are very much appreciated…:blush:

Ugh, this is so painful. There’s a site on Ravelry that will help with small portions of patterns but I don’t know of anyone or any site that will translate an entire pattern. I wonder if a high school or college class would take it on as a challenge?

Have you tried running it through a translation Web site?
Sorry, I had a look around trying to help with this before but couldn’t think of anything but translating but by bit.
Maybe it wouldn’t take you so long and then any bits hat don’t make sense you could ask specifically here or on ravelry?

Mit doppeltem Faden verarbeiten
Process with double thread (proceed?)

Cuff pattern
2 M rechts
2 sts on the right
2 M links imWechsel stricken
Knit 2 sts alternately

Großes Perlmuster
Large pearl pattern
Dafür 1 M rechts, 1 M linksim Wechsel str; das Muster nach jeweils 2 R ver-setzt arbeiten
Work 1 st on the right, 1 st on the left alternately; work the pattern staggered every 2 rows

…OK its not perfect but maybe you can figure it out bit by bit?

Give me a while. I remember one of my German lace knitting books had an English/German symbol & term translation in the front.

There might be online helps like that. Check Burda sources or vintage design republishers.

That’s a great idea! I’ll try that!