Pattern Translation

I am having a hard time understanding the pattern directions. The pattern is written as follows:

“Dec in this way on the next 2 foll 10th rows. Work 35 rows straight then inc 1 st at each end of the next and foll 16th row. Cont without shaping, AT THE SAME TIME when you have worked 36 rows from cast-on, ending on a WS row start pattern.”

This entire section baffles me with the exception of “foll” essentially meaning “after” sooo… 2 foll 10th rows I understand to mean dec as prescribed every 10th row, twice. Please correct me if I am wrong and PLEASE help me fully understand before I continue my project. Thank you.

Can you please post the pattern name and a link? Don’t post the whole pattern her due to copyright. A few lines is fine as you’ve done, but a link is always helpful.

Sorry, I have no link, only a paper copy. The pattern is from Simply Knitting Magazine (no issue number) and is of a sweater with a dachshund on it called “Top Dog” written by Amanda Jones, if that helps at all. :frowning:

Hi jojessican, You’re correct :smiley: decrease as instructed on the next 2 following 10th rows. Work 35 rows then increase 1 st at each end of the next row and the following 16th row and continue on with your instructions.
Wishing you good luck with your project, if you need any further help just ask and someone will reply as soon as they can :grinning: