Pattern translation

Hey there!

What do you want to do? Do you want to crochet or knit? Do you want to do colorwork or do the train in purls and the rest in knits or the other way around? Something else?

I think it woulf look nice if you combine stockinette and garter st. I would probably do the background in garter st. Everything in white would be garter st and the train in stockinette.

I’ll take a stab at how to use a chart.

Each box in the chart would represent a stitch and each row of the chart would represent one row of knitting. You would need to decide how to designate the black and white boxes. If a white box is knit on the RS/purl on the WS then the black boxes would indicate purl on the RS/knit on the WS. Or each could represent a color. You start at the bottom right corner with what will be row 1 of the chart and read it right to left. If you’re working flat, even number rows are read/worked left to right; if working in the round then all rows are worked from right to left. You move from one box to the next working the stitch or color indicated and move on to the next row of the chart when you reach the end.

To “translate” it, you can count the boxes and write it out in rows. Do you know if this is intended for knitting? If not then the train might end up distorted.

Once you get the hang of using charts they’re really not so mysterious. You might look at dishcloth patterns worked in knits and purls that have a chart and choose one to try. There might be good instruction with the pattern and it would be a much smaller project for practicing.

It’s double knitting? Or you’re just using her chart for your own thing?

Look what I found!!! Knowing where it came from makes a huge difference.

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Wet blanket alert! It seems you posted a copyrighted pattern. It really should be removed. Next time please post the link instead.

You can post your wip. I’d think just the complete chart would be a violation.
Personally I think some charts are so simple it’s ridiculous to copyright them but some of the copyright complaints surrounding knitting go beyond ridiculous IMO (like claiming you can’t sell an item made from a pattern).

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@Mike I agree. But I don’t want our hosts to get in trouble over a posting. You never know.

Thank you for letting me know. I am not aware of the rules. As you are aware, I am doing this as a hobby and I am not that advanced. I am here on the forum to learn from you. Thank you

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The scarf with the train motif isn’t an easy project but it looks like you have a wonderful start. We’d love to see a photo when you finish!

This is the result. My first attempt to double knitting


Whoo-hoo, what a terrific train! It looks perfect. I hope you enjoyed knitting it and that it’s the first of many more dk projects. Thanks so much for the photo.

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Looks better than the author’s (her other side’s color showing through is twisted strands, picking the same direction instead of twist/untwist, I see none of that on yours).

That was fast too. 1 week? Wow.

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It is beautiful!

Thank you, guys, for the support! Wish it was that easy with something i am working on for a few months… a sweater