Pattern Translation Please

Hi everyone,

I would like to knit a scarf from a pattern I found online, but there are two things I’m not sure about and I need help from those of you more experienced than I translating the pattern.

“[COLOR=Blue]skip 1 st and knit into 2nd st, then knit into skipped st, then sl both stitches from needle together[/COLOR].” Does this translate to k2tg??? I don’t get it.

“[COLOR=Blue]k1, *sl 2 wyib, k3; rep from *, end sl 2, k1[/COLOR]” [COLOR=Black]???

Thanks in advance for any input. Happy knitting!

In the first direction, you’re doing a twist. It’s like doing a 1/1 cable, but without a cable needle. Basically, you’re knitting the stitches out of order–the second one from the tip first, then the one closest to the tip. You knit the second from the tip but don’t slide it off, then knit the one closest to the tip and slide them off together. You’ll have two stitches, but they’ll be crossed.

For the second instruction, knit 1, then slip 2 with the yarn in back–just slip them as if to purl, without knitting them. Then knit 3 and repeat the slip2/knit3 sequence.