Pattern TOO abbrev for beginner

I found a “small” project for the holidays; you know, to show everyone I can knit (done tons of scarves and hats already). But the pattern is abbreviated (in the usual way I assume) and it contains some unfamiliar instructions–mostly the k and p in the same stitch. . . The whole thing follows below along with a link to its source (not supposed to reproduce it) and a pic of what it is to be.


CO 2 st, leaving a 10" tail.

Row 1: k2
Row 2: In same st, p1 then p1 tbl 2 times (4 sts)
Row 3: In same st, k1 then k1 tbl; k2; in same st, k1 then k1 tbl (6 sts)
Row 4: In same st, p1 then p1 tbl; p4; in same st, p1 then p1 tbl (8 sts)
Row 5: BO 3, k4 (5 sts)
Row 6: BO 3, p1 (2 sts)

Rep rows 1-6.

BO, leaving a 10" tail.

Weave tails through WS to center and tack to center. Wrap around center one time and tack again. Cut to desired length.

Thanks in advance for all help. And enjoy a good laugh on my account! :roflhard:


We laugh alot here, but never at people. [size=2]except Kelly[/size] :rofling:

There is a list of abbreviations on a tab above, as well as video that goes with many of them.

On row 2, you’ll purl into the st, but don’t slide it off, then you’ll put your needle in the back loop of that same stitch, from left to right, and purl into it again before you slide it off. You’ll do this on both stitches.

On row 3, you’ll knit and knit into the back loop in the first stitch (for knits, tbl is from right to left), k2 stitches, and then work two into the last stitch, again.

You’re making increases each time you knit into a stitch twice.

I hope this is enough, if not, holler!

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[size=2]Here’s the Video[/size]


Ingrid, isn’t that a dumb way to write pfb or kfb, or am I missing something? :??

They were probably trying to make it ‘clearer’ and ended up with a “What??”

Actually, it was too convoluted for a beginner like me. But incredibly easy thanks to Ingrid’s translation! Thank you Ingrid! (And I’m laughing at myself! :rofling: )

KellyK, thanks for the vid. It all makes perfect sense now.

And yes, everyone is getting one or several on their holiday packages!

Thanks so much y’all. Really!


I’m glad you were able to figure it out so you could ‘strut your stuff.’ :thumbsup: