Pattern Terminology

Hi Everyone! I am a new knitter and am working from a pattern. I’m not quite sure what it is telling me to do:

“Cast off 5 sts beg next 2 rows”

Does this mean 2 from the first row, right at the beginning and then 3 from the second row, right at the beginning? Or does it mean evenly space it across the row? Or does it mean 5 sts from each row?

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

It means you CO 5 at the beginning of the row, then knit to the end. Turn and CO 5 from this side. You will have 5 CO stitches at either end.

Thank you so much, Jan!!

You’re welcome!

Here’s a stupid follow up question… if I have been doing stocking stitch… and I have CO 5 and knit the rest of the first row… do I then Purl the next row or knit?? Thank you so much for your patience :oops:

If you’ve been doing stockinette stitch, you will still purl the next row just as you would if you weren’t binding off stitches. You can bind off the 5 stitches at the start of your purl row the same as you do with a knit row, except use purl stitches.

Thanks again! Everyone on here is so helpful :hug:

Yep, just continue in pattern. :slight_smile: