Pattern term question


hope you’re well. I’ve got a question about a knitting chart pattern.

I’ve mostly sorted the chart out but there is one term that’s confusing me. I’m attaching a screen shot of the pattern.

For the sleeves where it says 6-1-2, it means 6 times, 1 increase on 2 sides. then it says 5-1-3. I can’t seem to figure it out. Please help.

When the pattern says 6-1-2 it means every 6 rows, inc 1stitch, 2 times. So 5-1-3 means every 5 rows, inc 1 stitch, 3 times. That will give you the +5 that the pattern is telling you to increase. Remember too that this should occur on [I][U]each[/U][/I] edge, so 10sts total will be increased and the sleeve will be symmetrical.,d.eXY
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