Pattern Tamers - Great Idea!


I saw this in Knitters’ Review today and thought it was a brilliant idea to help stay on track reading the correct pattern row - instead of having your eyes dancing about and reading the row above or below the one you’re meant to be working :eyes: :?? :doh:

I usually use little ‘Post It’ notes but the adhesive soon gets worn and parts company from the paper pattern.

I gave the idea a sort of ‘try out’ this afternoon with some small magnets I use for my art and craft classes and it worked a treat. The best sort of paper seems to be the same weight as ‘Post It’ notes - very light, so that the magnets still get a good grip on each other.



Knitpicks has a chart keeper for about $10 thats like pattern tamers. I’m going to buy the keeper since I’m getting into lace this year.

Have you ever heard of the idea of putting each row of a complicated pattern on an index card, numbering them and putting a metal ring through the corners of the cards like you may have done in school for speech notes? On each card you can put the individual steps within the row in order under each other or break it up however helps you the most with the pattern. Then after each row you flip that page to the back and are ready for the next row. I find it helpful with lace or other complicated patterns. If a page is on top you are on that row. If you have to stop within the row you can make a pencil mark where to pick it back up if you want.

This is what I use: Magnet Board. It works great and if I’m having a particularly extra ditzy day, once a row is completed, I use a pencil to make a check mark.

I just found this board at my Local Jo-Anns store. :woohoo:Holy macarel did this make things easier! Thank you who ever put this together!!!

Wowsers! That sounds like a great idea!

My main problem is not keeping check of which line I’m knitting (I use a reporter’s notebook and just put tick marks after each completed row) - the problem is with the printed pattern - if I don’t block off the row above and the one below, my eyes tend to stray from the line I’m working. :eyes:

What else can be a pain is when you’re following a pattern on one page and the instructions for ‘shape neck’ ‘shape shoulders’ etc., are on another.

Thanks very much for writing out the idea and I’ll certainly give it a bash.

Thanks very much too, KniTwit and PhotoEMTChet, for the link - much appreciated.

Best Wishes


Funny - I’ve used a magnetic board and magnets for cross stitch projects but not for knitting. I have often used the one post card per row/round method and held them together w/a binder clip or paperclip; mostly I use a post-it. One post-it lasts pretty long, usually thru the entire project.

That’s what I use too - leftover from my cross-stitching days. :slight_smile: I need to get another one though b/c I always have more than one project going at the same time that needs the board!

Dunno why but the Post-It notes over here (or is it just mine?) seem to wilt and fall off the pattern in no time at all. :sad:

Thanks for the Link Limey :slight_smile: They are great and a very clever idea.

I always stick my pattern in a plastic sleeve to protect it, I wonder if the magnet would work on that?

Hi Ginny

I’m not sure about the plastic - I suppose it would depend on how thick the plastic is - but it’s worth a shout.

I’m just a gadget addict but anything which makes life easier is fine by me.

I think I haven’t clocked anything like the Pattern Tamers in the UK before because similar paraphernalia seems to get listed with cross stitch hobbies, not knitting.

All the Best


oh, thats GREAT! how awesome!

I don’t know if they would work or not…but I use a Magnet board like that it works…

I also have Knit Pick’s Chart keeper and it works great too…

Those are neat and pretty…I thought ohh jazz up the ol’ Magnet board :happydance:

Yup, the magnet works fine over the page protector. I do that too. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch Limey! :heart: Wonderful little things they are!
I am going to buy some. I have the magnetic board, and don’t use it much. I like the idea of these little pattern tamers because they are long…and because I can stick them to whatever I want…the actual pattern page, or my notes!

I ordered a set today. We’ll see if it works on the plastic sleeve! I looked at the easel on Knit picks and decided this might work better for me.

I just ordered the patterntamers that look like yellow measuring tapes! I can hardly wait! I am sooo tired of sticky notes!!!
Thanks again, Limey! You rock! :thumbsup: