Pattern "switched sides" -- how did I do that?

I’m knitting a scarf – a basic, straightforward pattern on size 8 needles that repeats one knit row and one row K1, P1. It’s my first project.

I got about 40 rows in, working away happily, and then I noticed that in my last 6 rows the pattern appears on the “wrong” or opposite side of where I started. I think I’ve “reversed” my knitting somehow… but I don’t know how!?

I’m not unhappy with the result – it creates a block look that could be nice if repeated throughout the scarf – but since I don’t know what I did I’m pretty sure I’ll won’t be able to do it again.

Can anyone explain this to me in beginner’s language? Is it the way the work is facing when I start a row?

Many thanks!

It sounds like about 6 rows ago you must have either (a) done 2 knit rows next to each other or (b) done 2 k1, p1 rows next to each other.

You should be able to ‘frog’ back (un-knit or unravel back) to the point where everything is looking correct and then continue onward with the correct row.

I agree with Mirl. I made a similar mistake on a feather and fan washcloth that I made. If I remember correctly, I knitted three rows instead of two, thus reversing the right and the wrong sides. Instead off frogging, I decided to repeat the same mistake on the other side of the cloth, hoping that it would look like the pattern was written that way! :slight_smile: I will try to attach a photo.