Pattern suggestions

I’m a begginer and would like to knit an every-day winter scarf (nothing silky, fluffy or delicate) for my friend. She told me of three colours that compliment her:

Order of preference:

  1. Bottle green
  2. Dark brown
  3. Turquoise

a) Would all three colours go nicely together? If not, what would? I’m open to all suggestions.
b) What pattern should I use that would best help me move on from a begginer but not be too difficult? I thought to try purling for the first time.


I just finished the SCRUNCHABLE SCARF which you can make with ANY yarn, and the fabric turns out SO soft…its just k2 p1 on all rows!

I think you should just go to the yarn or craft store with those colors in mind and see what jumps out at you…you’ll fall in love with SOMETHING, for sure!

:smiley: I agree with KK, the scarf that she just completed is too cute (you can see it on the last page of the ‘finished projects’ thread) and with it you will be able to use purling :wink:

I personally think those colors would go great together. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. :smiley: