Pattern Suggestions? Boy sweater

I want to make a 4 year old boy a sweater for Christmas this year. Yes, I know not giving myself much time but he was just adopted into the family so want to do something homemade for him.

A simple sweater in either worsted weight yarn or sports weight yarn pattern would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to KH. Have you looked at ? It’s free to join and has lots and lots of patterns to choose from. I think top down seamless raglan would be a good choice.

I have looked at Ravelry really quickly and the ones I did find were a little too complicated for the short time I have.

I will check for a topdown seamless raglan sweater.:hug:

Check out Tin Can Knits The Simple Collection. They have some good, easy patterns. You didn’t say whether you want a pullover or cardigan. The Flax sweater pattern was what popped into my mind, it’s available in all sizes.

Sweatshirt type sweater is what he wants…the little guy is only 2 in April so should have enough time to do it…least I hope so.

Thanks again GG for your help. :slight_smile:

You probably weren’t thinking of a hoodie but this is a pretty cute sweatshirt that knits up quickly in bulky yarn on size 10 needles.