Pattern suggestion

Hi, I am a fairly new knitter and would like a relaxing pattern to do with circular needles for a scarf. I would like to work length wise, ie: cast on like 300 and work that way. I have done this with garter stitch and would like some suggestions for a pattern that would be a little more interesting but yet not too complicated. I purchased some beautiful cashmere yarn that is fairly thin. Thank you!

Hi Diane,

I know there are a few patterns out there for these types of scarves, but maybe you’d like to design your own. You could use a stitch dictionary and figure out what stitch you’d like to make.

This site has tons of stitch patterns:

You could figure out a border if you wanted to and then do the stitch pattern in between.

Just a thought…

There is no reason you couldn’t do it lengthwise in the round. At some point you’d have to steek it or you can do what I’m planning on doing… creating a built in fringe by making a large drop stitch at that point. I plan on doing it soon so if I come up with a pattern I’ll share it. :thumbsup:

I am a newbie to this site. Thank you for the information about other sites. I have just returned to knitting after a long while. A friend referred me to this site and I appreciate all the info I am collecting for my knit file. :happydance:

This will NOT work with the yarn you have already purchased, but the 1st thing I thought of when I saw your post is the potato chip scarf. If you still want to knit a scarf that way later and ever get some bulky yarn, it’s really cool and looks easy. I want to make one oneday… =)

How about this…

Red Herring Scarf by Cogknition ( )
Note: This herringbone pattern worked across the width of the scarf in contrast to Henry’s length-wise herringbone pattern.

Thanks for the idea though I will look through this website and see if I can find what you were talking about. Diane OOps figured it out and that pattern I think, will be perfect! Thanks for posting it.