Pattern suggestion needed

I bought some blue sky alpaca organic cotton yesterday and I want to make a baby cardigan with it…I’m picturing something bulky with turned up cuffs and brown buttons…but I’m flexible…

I don’t mind a pattern that I have to purchase…I want just the right one. Most of the patterns I find call for sport weight yarn…I’m looking for size 1 yr.

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The multicolored one on the upper left should work well! I like their patterns. I have two of them now… both top down pullovers. #9730 and 9724. Eventually I’d like to get a couple cardigan patterns, too.
Knitting Pure and Simple

I loooove this one…written for Blue Sky cotton as a matter of fact: But it’s definitely girly!! Are you going to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, or are you going to be surprised? :smiley:

sorry, I should have specified…I want something sort of plain since I don’t know…I’m hoping for a boy since I already have a girl but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. I just have the strange feeling it’ll be a boy…

Did you look at the KPS one? It could go either way I think. I don’t know of any other worsted weight ones offhand… :thinking:

This one is for cotton chenille, but the pattern might work with your yarn:

All of these patterns use worsted weight: