Pattern Suggestion for my Drumstick Needles

I’m about to do a “test run” of my new Knitsticks, which I made from a pair of used drumsticks. I’ll be “launching” them in Catalina next month at an arts show with my friend. 100% of the money raised from the sale of these cool sticks will help fund my mission project for the Belizean Christian Efforts Children’s Home.

Soooooooo, I’d like to make something with these to see how they work. The size is close to a 17, so I figured I’d do a scarf.

Any pattern ideas? I don’t want to just do a garter stitch piece. I bought two skeins of Paton’s SWS on clearance and figured I’d use that. It’s a pretty pink, cream and green combo. There was something I saw recently on Knitty Gritty where they K1, YO, K1, YO, and repeated that across the row. Then, on the next row, the YO’s were dropped so it made a long stitch. Does this make sense and is it hard to do?

Thanks for your help.