Pattern stsitch question

OK maybe I am overly tired and just not understanding this. I have a pattern that has a symbol in it with an explanation of sl 2 tog knitwise, k1,[B]p2ssp tog.[/B] I got everything up to the [B]p2ssp tog[/B] part. I doubled checked and it is not a typo for psso as there is another symbol for that in the pattern. Any help with an explanation of this would be very appreciated.



What’s the name of the pattern? I think it’s sl2, k1, pass 2 sl st tog over the k 1. It’s more involved than how it’s usually written which would be s2kp2sso.

Thanks for the response Sue
It is the Isodora Shawl from Fiesta Yarns (Fall/Winter 2009)
I understadn it if it was sl2, k1, pass 2 sl st tog over the k 1, but the p2ssp is what is confusing me becasue out of all the books I have and searching the internet, I can not find a term for that abbreviation. If I do nt figure it out, it will become a s2kp2sso! lol

I think ‘p2ssp’ is just made up by the designer to mean ‘pass 2 sl st purlwise’ but she should have explained it if she’s going to use something that’s not a standard abbreviation.

I totally agree with you Sue. The funny thing is that in the back with all the other abbreviations, that particular one is not listed. That is what I am going to do with it.
Tahnks again.