Pattern struggles!!


I have just started crochet yesterday and started straight on a pattern and have taught myself (hopefully correctly). I’ve managed row 1 & 2 but I’m stuck on 3. Could someone please help me break it down?

There should be a “special stitches” or “special instructions” paragraph either at the beginning or the end of the pattern. It should tell you what the “tr/rf” is.

I wonder if this video helps? It seems to follow a bit of the pattern rows.

About halfway down the page it defines Tr/rf although you’re right, Becky that the best source is the pattern itself. It may have its own definition.

Tr/rf Front Post Triple/ Treble Crochet or Tr/rf (raised treble crochet at the front of fabric) = wrap the yarn around the hook, insert the hook from in front and from right to left around the stem of the appropriate stitch, and complete the stitch normally

Thanks for the help ill take another look in the morning and see if it makes more sense following your help :slight_smile: