Pattern stitch question

knitting for FIRST time and pattern instructions state k:: into front of stitch,do not slipstitch off needle,then k into back of same stitch. what happens next??? this person is assuming I understand, I DONT.

you are making an increase; you knit into the front of the stitch; and do not slip it off the needle because you then knit into the BACK of the same stitch; you are now done and slip the worked stitch off the needle. It is not stated, because it is the normal procedure. This is why they said to not slip the worked stitch off the needle in the first half of the instruction.

Youo end up with two new stitches after having worked only one “old” stitch.

thak u soo much, i am normally a crocheter and find terms for knitting confusing? It also depends on the person giving u the info, right? they could see things thier way instead of a standardized way? thanks again.

There are a list of the commonly used terms on the Glossary page, most have videos.

That stitch you are referring to is commonly called a KFB for knit front and back. Many terms are almost standardized and get used a lot, but there are a few that you have to learn because different countries/cultures use them differently. As Sue says use the glossary at the tab above and if you have questions you can always ask. :thumbsup:

There is a video demonstrating how to do this very thing at Hooked On Needles as well. You can click HERE if you’d like to take a look at it. :wink: