Pattern stitch help

A long time ago I knitted this little preemie hat but I cannot find the pattern now. I think I can knit it without a pattern, but I can’t remember how I made that stitch in the ribbing. I hope it shows up in this picture. It looks like some kind of slipped stitch, but it runs horizonally instead of vertically. Does anyone maybe have this pattern (I know it was a freebie) or can tell me how to do this stitch? For the life of me, I can’t remember how I did it.
Thanks a million.

From what I can see, it looks like either a purl stitch or if you thing it’s a slipped stitch, maybe you slipped the stitch with the yarn in front?

It actually looks like it’s slipped some kind of way. The ribbing is k5, p1, k1, p1, k5, then on the next row is where the slipped stitch…it that’s what it is…occurs. There’s no seam so it was knit in the round (dpn’s I’m sure).

Then my guess would be that on every other row, the yarn was left in front between the two p stitches and the knit was slipped.

Thanks, Ingrid. I’ll try that later and see if it works. And, it [U]may[/U] be a purl stitch, but it just doesn’t look like it. I’ll try it both ways. Thanks for your help.