Pattern Stitch counts are off

I’m making the Model 11 Baby Alpaca sweater in the Linea Rossa v2 line. There’s an eyelet pattern that repeats over 3 sts across a 68 st row. The pattern wants an extra knit before the edge stitch, but accounting for two edge sts, as called for, the pattern repeats evenly and ends on a yo instead of leaving an extra stitch like the pattern calls for. Should I just ignore the missing stitch or is my counting wrong.

In theory it should work out.

68 stitches, less the 2 edge stitches would give you 66, which is divisible by 3.

what is the lace pattern?

It’s just an eyelet row. The trouble isn’t that the repeats are off, just that the pattern wants an extra knit stitch before the last edge stitch. I think it’ll work out…

The sweater is this. I’m on the row of eyelets in the stockinette area.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you really want the extra stitch, don’t do the final yo.

the sweater looks very nice. Can you post the link to it?