Pattern Stitch - at a loss to figure it out!

I am knitting a hat, and the 8th row of the pattern says this:
K3, *sl next 2 sts WYIB, drop sl-st off needle to front of work, sl the same 2 sts back to LH needle, then pick up dropped st and knit it, k3, rep from * across

This has completely lost me, I have tried and tried to figure out what this is telling me to do and I just cant! If anyone can put it in a different way, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you,

I think it’s essentially telling you to do a move you should be using a cable needle for without the cable.

Could you maybe link to the pattern?

It does sound something like a cable or twisted sts.

I read it a few times and this is what I think it means.
K3, slip the next two with yarn in back (I’ll call them #1 and #2), the next stitch on your left hand needle was probably a stitch you slipped while doing the previous round (I’ll call it #3). Drop that stitch off the needle in front and then slide the two slipped stitches back from the right hand needle to the left hand needle. Pick up the dropped stitch with the left hand needle. So now you will knit them in this order #3, #1, #2.