Pattern Software UPDATE

Hi everyone,

i was wondering if there is computer software or a website that helps you with sizing patterns. For example, I came up with a sweater for a 12 month old, but would like to expand for newborn, 6 mos, 18 mos, etc. I suppose there is some magical math formula to do this, but I would have to think that there is software out there that does this for you.

Anyone know where I could find this?

ok, I found this on

has anyone used any of these programs?

I have the Sweater wizard and love it and Knit Pix has it much cheaper. :woot: Have used it and is very easy to use.

thanks for your input! I will take a look on knit picks. The Sweater WIzard is what I was leaning towards.

Does the sweater ziward let you select various patterns, for example, I want a sweater to be crewneck, or v-neck by just typing in what I want, or it just adjust the size according to your measurements and gauge?

The sweater wizard does let you do that. It seems very cool. You can get more info on this site:

Looks like you can do everything you can imagine, etc. I am sure its not as easy as it looks, but I am considering it!

They also have a sock wizard that you just put the shoe size in and viola! It spits out the pattern based on your gauge, yarn, etc. Pretty cool. I just haven’t knit socks yet.

It is as easy as it looks :star: Really!!! If I can do it anyone can :roflhard: Well worth the money

I did it! I bought Sweater Wizard and Math Wizard on knitpicks. Can’t wait to try it out!!! :happydance:

:woohoo: Let me know how you like the Math Wizard

I think next time Joann has a 50% off coupon, sweater wizard will be on the menu!


Ohh I would love the sweater wizard! Unfortunately, finding that stuff here in NZ is hard to do. There are some sweater pattern generators on the net in the mean time. Just put in a google search and voila!

Well I finally received both Sweater Wizard and Math Wizard.

THe Sweater Wizard seems very easy! THe only thing I have to play with a little more to make sure I got it down is the pattern repeat stuff. Too bad you can’t put in the actual stitch pattern, that would make it so much easier

I am disappointed with the math wizard. I don’t see a way to resize patterns, which was why I got it. Or maybe I am just not looking hard enough.