Pattern slightly unclear -- how would you do this?

Hello knitters. I’m new here, btw, a 33 yr. old knitting mama from Baltimore! Anyway, I’m knitting ta child’s top down pullover (in the round) designed by Diane Soucy (Knitting Pure and Simple). I’ve knitted this pattern before, and don’t remember being confused by the pattern, perhaps because I just plowed on through without thinking. Once the back of neck is shaped, and the knitting joined, it’s a simple matter of raglan increases at each front and back sleeve marker on every other row. So, the pattern basically reads:
round 1: knit to marker, inc; slip marker, inc, around
round 2: knit plain
The instructions say to “continue to work the last 2 rounds, increasing as established (one k round, one increase round) until there are 60 sts between the back markers.” The next step is to knit around plain, slipping the sleeve stitches onto holders or threads, and casting on for the underarm stitches. After that, it is straight knitting to the bottom of the sweater. My question is, should I knit all the way around once after round 1 of the pattern brings my stitches to 60, and thus completing the pattern, or should I just treat the round in which I divide sleeves and body as rnd 2 of the pattern? I realize this can’t make too much of a difference to the final product, but I’m paralyzed with indecision! I hope my question made sense – sometimes it’s hard to describe what’s going on with the needles!


I would finish the row where the 60 stitches are between the markers. On the next row, it looks like you’re supposed to do the business with the sleeves and get ready to connect the body.

Thanks Ingrid — I did as you suggested and it ‘felt right’ so on to the plain tube (boring, but makes good car/tv/reading/chatting knitting. :smiley: