Pattern Sizing?

I am currently working on Oblique from Knitty ( and am curious about pattern sizing. It gives the size and finished measurements as follows:

[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]SIZE[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]XS[S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X] (shown in size S)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]FINISHED MEASUREMENTS [/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]Chest: 35.5[39, 43, 46.5, 50.5, 54, 58] inches
Length: 25[26.25, 27.25, 28.25, 29.25, 30.5, 31.5] inches[/COLOR][/SIZE]

So I measured my chest and it is 45.5 inches so I thought ok, I’ll make the L since according to the finished measurements it is 46.5. Ok…well if I were to buy a sweater in the store, I would buy a 1X in plus size so then should I be working on the 1X size? This is only my 2nd sweater…the first one was meant to be fitted and this one isn’t. Any advice would be super greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Did you do a swatch? If so, are you able to gauge the amt of ease? If you opt for the L you’re only allowing for 1" of ease but next size up is 5" which would be termed ‘loose.’ If worn as shown in the pic…open…then finished size isn’t as critical. The generous amt of wrap gives you the leeway to reduce that if you want it less snug just by how you position your buttons. I’d opt for less ease than more to ensure the wrap didn’t ultimately end up going all the way around to the side.


It looks like the sweater is not designed to fit tightly (negative ease) so if you have something in your closet that fits similarly to the body, I would measure it around the bust and see how big around it is. I would match that measurement to the size you make. Does that help?

Cardigans are meant to be looser, so you would probably want to do the XL size.

Thanks cam. I did a swatch but I am not very knowledgeable about ease. I will have to read those Knitting Daily posts again that talked about it. Thanks for your help!

Thanks Plantgoddess! That is a great idea to measure a sweater in my closet.

Thanks suzeeq - I was thinking this same thing. I am only about 4 inches into the back so frogging won’t be a huge issue. I think I’m going to measure a sweater I have and go from there.

Thanks everyone!!! :hug:

Oh that’s a nice-looking pattern, can’t wait till I get advanced enough to get there!