Pattern sizing - help?!


I’m about to start knitting my first proper garment, up until now I’ve done ponchos, hats and bags so nothing where sizing is too critical.

I’m going to make a Sirdar jacket in luxury soft cotton DK - I’ve been eyeing this up for ages and now feel ready to give it a go!

Problem is, I’ve looked at the pattern measurements and am not sure which size to make… I normally buy size 12 tops, but the pattern puts me in a size 14. However the actual measurement including ease for a size 14 seems like it will be really really loose (not really the style of the jacket).

So I’m wondering what other knitters have done - trust the pattern, or trust your own measurements…??? :???:

I’ve always measured something else that fits me well. Clothing measurements are so variable–what IS a medium, anyway?

So I measure a sweater that I like the fit of and use those as my finished measurements.

That’s a good idea! I’ve measured another fitted jacket and it comes up at size 12, so I’m going for that!

Thanks Ingrid. :happydance: