Pattern size

The pattern sizes in Verena magazine go by bust size, giving bust msmt for 3 different sizes. My bust is a 32" (their small), but this is due to a double mastectomy. My hip size is 37 1/2". No hip sizes for this top are given.

Any suggestions on how to pick the size to knit?

Unless you’re knitting a dress or a very long sweater, the hip size wouldn’t enter into it much. The patterns should have schematics that show the lower edge measurements, or you can figure them out from the number of sts there divided by the sts/inch in the gauge. Even if knit from the bottom up, the lower edge wouldn’t hit at the largest part of your hips. So figure out how long the sweater is on you and CO for a size that will fit you at the point, then decrease sts gradually as you go up. If there’s waist shaping, don’t increase as much as you would normally.

thank you!

Almost every time I chose a size to fit my ‘caboose’…I regretted it. So, if I have to chose between one or the other, I fit my upper body.

That said, another trick up my sleeve is to cast on for the larger size…and gently decrease those extra stitches away by the time I reach the armhole bind-offs, and am ready to begin the armhole upper body shaping.

I’ve successfully knit several sweaters that are two sizes: one for the upper body, one for the lower portion.

Not all patterns will lend to this trick, but I think most would!