Pattern size

I have started making a jumper but have realised it might be too small but have nearly completed back, would I be able to make to front slightly bigger to compensate or would it show up too much. I realise the sleeves may need slight adjustment to fit in but it will only be 4 stitches larger either side.

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What is the name of your pattern? Was your swatch off when you measured it or did you not knit one?
It’s is so painful when this happens. Depending on the pattern, 8 extra sts may represent quite a sizable width. You could probably do this but it’s going to take a bit of math and fiddling to make it work. When you’re finished the sweater still may not sit right.
In general the back represents about a third of the sweater with two thirds still to be knit.
It’s going to be a lot less painful and time consuming to reknit the back in the larger size, awful as that may sound.

Have you considered blocking the work already done? Ie put the back on waste yarn, give it a soak, and pin it out? I often think things are too small but find they have relaxed quite a bit after a soak!
If it is too small and you can’t face remaking it, (and depending on the style of course) could you add a side panel to get extra width? You would need to adjust the sleeves too.
I’m thinking of a design like the Pirta sweater in terms of construction.

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