Pattern Shaping Question - Back vs. Front

I’m making a simple sweater/jacket; it has one button at the top (but I plan to wear it unbuttoned, and is just the usual left front, right front, and then back piece. It is in essence the shape of a cardigan, except fitted, and is a light sweater that can be worn over anything just for an extra layer on a chilly night. The sleeves are made separately, have a slight ‘cap’ and then seamed to the armhole.

My question is: the dimensions of the pieces call for the left and right fronts to be the same length (22 inches) as the back piece. The shoulder seam sits directly on top of the shoulder.

I am concerned as to why the pattern does not call for the back to be 2 inches longer than the front pieces. Should I add two inches length to the back piece, or will it not matter since it is just an over sweater?

Are they usually longer? :?? If you just made it longer it wouldn’t seam properly would it? I haven’t made an adult cardigan so I’m just curious.

I’ve seen pullover sweater patterns where the back is 2 inches longer than the front, and the extra inches go after the armhole shaping is done and you’re just knitting toward the bind off for the shoulder. But I’ve never made a cardigan type sweater before, so I didn’t know if they were also supposed to have extra inches?

I see. I’ve only done baby/child raglans so I don’t know. :think: If it’s a free pattern linking to it will help anyone who can help you.

Thanks; it is from a magazine, and I can only find a picture of it on line and not the actual pattern. I can’t find any corrections on line, but I did find a blog of someone who made it and said that the shaping was nice.

I think what I will do is when I get to that point, I’ll try it on with the shoulders seamed, and if it rides up in the back, I can always unseam the shoulders and add a couple of inches. :slight_smile: Thanks for responding so quick, Jan; back to the needles for me~!:teehee:

Sometimes you can put in short rows on the back below the armholes. Otherwise, the side seams won’t match.