Pattern seems wrong, how to proceed?

Hello All,

I’m relatively new to knitting, so I’m not likely to be judgmental of a pattern. However, a copy of a pattern I got from a yarn shop is really confusing me; it just doesn’t seem right.
Its supposed to be a cabled scarf, but the pattern only has me doing 1 row of cabling. I’m confused! Does anyone know this pattern (listed below)? Help! I don’t want to wait until Saturday to go back to the shop for answers, that would be 3 nights of not knitting my project!!!

So here is the pattern I was given:


Row 1- K2 P2 (14sts), place marker, P3, K8, P3, place marker, K2 P2 (14sts)
Row 2- P2, K2 (14sts), K3, P8, K3, P2 K2(14sts)
Row 3- Cable Row: K2 P2 (14sts), P3, put 4sts on cable needle and hold in front, K4, K4 from cable, P3, K2 P2 (14sts).

Continue as follows:
Row 4: same as row2
Row 5: same as row1
repeat to 10…

Repeat rows 1-10 [/COLOR]

That’s all of the pattern. What happened to repeating row 3, the cable row? :pout: (And why do I need a place marker, is it just to help count out those 14sts?)
I’d appreciate some direction so that I can be doing more of this :knitting: and less of this :wall:

Thanks very much,

Cables can be done different ways depending on the yarn and the cable. In this case you will be repeating row 3 every 10 rows. See where it says “repeat rows 1-10…”? So when you get down with row 10 you start again with row 1 except you won’t need to add the markers because they’ll already be there. Make sense?

Oooohhh, I see where I got confused. I guess I got caught up in the repitition of rows 1 and 2 and forgot all about doing rows 1-3. I feel a bit silly. I just learned how to do cables using a ‘teach yourself to knit book’ and the lesson had the cabling about every 3rd or 4th row.
Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

One more silly question. When using place markers…what exactly are the place markers marking? It doesn’t say that I’m to do anything when i get to a place marker, so why do I need to be aware of them?

In this pattern, they mark off the cable st panels. Other times they may mark a point in the knitting where you increase or decrease, or between lace stitch pattern repeats.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]brave to do cables! i didn’t attempt them for many years…but like jan said, usually cables are sets of rows repeated over and over. You actually only make the twist once or so per set depending on the pattern obviously.[/COLOR]