Pattern Search

Can anyone tell me where I can get the pattern for Carlitos Cardigan by Mathew Gnagy

Thank you

According to Ravelry it’s no longer available which I’m guessing is the problem. I did some more searching, but based on what I found, including checking his book of patterns, it’s really been taken out of his lineup of patterns. :shrug:

Many thanks Jan I guess I will look for another pattern. I have just started knitting again after many years so I am eager to find new patterns that I like.


Ravelry (it’s free to join) should have something similar. There are tons of cabled cardigans.

BTW…I noticed on Ravelry that there had been errata that he’d corrected, but I’m wondering if the pattern had become to much of a pain in the patoot. Maybe he just thought it wasn’t worth it. :shrug: