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I love this picture, but I can’t find a pattern- I have searched over 100 ravelry pages and a few other places- do you know where I can find this pattern? I need an actual pattern, because adapting a keyhole scarf is not in my wheelhouse! Thanks!
Últimos modelos de chal de punto

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That’s such a pretty, romantic shawl. These were the closest I found (not all that close):

Did you want a keyhole scarf or want to avoid one?

The shawl shows up on this video (about 1:30min) from the Beauty Basket which may have more information.

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Hi Melanie, don’t know if it will help but have you looked up Knitted Penny Scarf? I have the pattern and it is similar to the one you show but you could make it ‘longer’ as the one in the pattern is more of a neck warmer??? Hope this helps you. Regards Jean

See Pinterest for more photos, but alas only one or two gives link for instructions. These shawls are listed under several terms, crochet scarves–even though they are knits, knitted shawls, caplets, etc. Most seem to be Spanish in origin. Ravelry has it, but using sweet olive stitches though you could just use garter stitch instead.
Sorry I can’t make the link work.
Flower patterns are online with a google or on Youtube.

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I found on etsy what you looking for
Hope it will help