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image Good morning. I am new here so thank you very much for having me.
My problem is a pattern I’m looking for. I believe it is an old one and in fact crochet. I would be grateful for any help in locating a copy. Many thanks. Anne

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Welcome to the forum!
It’s a great looking pattern. I couldn’t find anything quite like it. It seems to be unavailable from Etsy. Maybe some of the avid crocheters will have seen something similar.

All I’ve found is that it was sold as a pdf by a shop on Etsy, called OhhhMama. It’s a long shot but you could message them, if you’re on Etsy, and ask if they’d sell another copy?

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Thank you very much for your help. I did contact the Etsy store but they were unable to supply it. I’ll just have to keep looking.

Thank you for trying.

If I were more experienced at crochet I would have tried writing a similar pattern, I like how it looks! Good luck tracking it down from another source, anyway.

I had Google search for simular images on the Internet and found this video. How is your comprehension of Portuguese or Spanish?


Thank you.

English only I’m afraid. But thank you very much.