Pattern says to yoke 32 st?

hi, i’m working on the easy childs sweater and this will be my first sweater. now i’m up the the part where it says:

Work 6 rows garter st. then 6 rows keeping Garter st at ends and yoke 32 (36, 38)sts , and center sts in st st. Continue in this manner working to correspond to other side, BINDING off 25 (29, 33) sts instead of casting on. 32 (36, 38 sts).

i have NO idea what that means. i’d appreciate any help.

It appears that you’ll be working the yoke and centre stitches in St st with the remainder of the stitches along the edge in garter st for six rows.

From the wording it seems that you would have done the other side in this manner already.

I’m not sure about the binding off part, not having seen the rest of the pattern, but can only guess that it corresponds to the shoulder?

That’s just my take on the instructions though.

hi boogs thanks for your reply. sorry i forgot to post the original link for the pattern. here it is:

so i guess i will do 5 knit st in the begining and 5 in the end and the middle one row knit one row purl for 6 rows?


I posted a reply to this in your other thread.