Pattern Says to Mark Armholes

ok, so I’m knitting along on the back of a little sweater … stockinette. And the pattern says that once I’ve knit 4.75 inches from bottom I am to “mark” for the armholes. Then knit more until I have 9 inches. and at that point I do something else like work on the neckline or something, I forget. I’m looking on theories for what this means, why I would do it and how I would do it. It isn’t like it says “k 10 and place marker” – that I would understand. I’m stumped … hence, any ideas?

It will help you when it comes time to seam the sleeves into the space for them on the sweater. You can mark the 4.75" line with a safety pin or tie a piece of scrap yarn at that point.

ok, thanks – I assume that means you’ve seen this kind of instruction before. That’s all I could think it must mean but it seemed like it be so easy to measure that when I’m ready to seam in the sleeves in that I didn’t believe it. :wink:

It’s quite common in sweaters with dropped sleeves. You could measure when you’re ready to seam.