Pattern says RS but my next row is WS


Hi all, I’m making a cardigan and I’m up to the last section where I make the collar and attach all the pieces together. I have two questions regarding the pattern (see attached). I’ve just finished repeating the 4 rows that measure approx 10cm and finishing with the 4th row pattern. This row is a RS row but then the pattern says that the next row should be RS but in my hands it is a WS row, is this a typo in the pattern?

Also there are no instructions to cast off the collar. I’m assuming that the slip stitch used to join the collar is done with a needle and yarn after casting off, is this right or is there another form of slip stitch where you don’t have to cast off?

Thank you, Amy

Can you give us the pattern name or a link?
Can you quote this section of the pattern? The scan is too tiny to read.
We also have to observe copyrights so the least amount of the pattern quoted the better.

Oh yes! Thanks for your reply. I don’t have a link unfortunately but I only show the relevant section. I’ve uploaded a larger image, I hope that is ok. I will keep copyrights in mind in future as well.

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The 4th row starts and ends with purl sts and is RS row as you posted. If that’s your last row, then knit the next row. It seems to me that the pattern is now switching what is calls the right and wrong sides because the collar will be folded over.
The simplest way to finish the collar is to cast off and then sew the cast off to the area of the picked up sts. There is a way of joining live sts to a cast on edge but it’s probably not necessary here. .

Thank you for your post! This is very helpful.