Pattern says, k the k stitches and p the p stitches tbl

first of all this means only the purl stitches are stitched tbl correct? Second do I knit the stiches that look like a V and P the others? Or do I look back and the ones I knitted on the last row I knit again and so forth?

thanks for any help

knit the ‘V’ stitches and purl the others through the back loop.

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Always consider your work [U]from the side facing you[/U]. The reverse side is not important to you. When you turn your work around, then it will have it’s turn as the “side facing you”.

On The Side Facing You…as the stitches present themselves…knit the stitches that are ‘knits’ (V shaped)…and purl the purls [B]tbl [/B](aka [B]t[/B]hrough [B]b[/B]ack [B]l[/B]oop).

Your pattern is asking you to do a little extra tweak on the purl stitches.

This is a tricky maneuver…but Amy has an excellent video clip! I have viewed it more than once to refresh my brain! It isn’t hard to do…just a little tricky…which is why I have to look at her video clip when I stumble upon a pattern that asks for it! :teehee:

Purl tbl creates an interesting design element…so please do follow the pattern. It will be worth the efforts!

Knit on! :knitting:

Please ask for more help if needed! :hug:

Thank you both for your replies :slight_smile:

knit the V’s shaped stitches and purl the rest :heart: