Pattern says end on WS but I end up on RS?

Hi there! I’m very new to knitting so bear with me please :slight_smile:

My pattern goes:
Inc Row (RS): K1, M1R, knit to last st, M1L, k1— 2 sts inc’d. Repeat Inc Row every 4th row twice more—48 sts. Work 2 rows even, end on WS.

So I assumed it’s:
Increase (rs), purl (ws), knit (rs), purl (ws), increase (rs), purl (ws), knit (rs), purl (ws), increase (rs).
After that it asks for 2 more rows, and I end up with RS?

Did I misunderstand something?

You’re correct. According to the directions you actually end on a RS row (your next sts would then go on a WS row).
What pattern are you working? What are the directions for the next row? You can probably work another row to get to the RS.

It’s this pattern. The next part just says work even for several inches and end on WS. I think I’ll end on RS after all because it’s a symmetrical pattern and it seems like the same part on the opposite side ends on RS

Thank you for the help!

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